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21 Jan, 2013

Make the most of your time in Corfu

Corfu is the ideal place to spend your vacation in, be it for a day, a week or two,  Corfu has plenty to take in. But the key to enjoying your vacation thoroughly is to make good use of your time. Mostly the tourists flow in from cruises for a day or so to relax on the splendid shores of Corfu. Utilizing your time in a manner that enables you to see everything but in a relaxed way is the essence of a truly wonderful vacation. Corfu has plenty to take in, so plan your trip in a way that allows you to take in the major aspects of the island.

The best way to utilize your time is to book yourself for a guided tour through the island or a few excursions. The guides show you all of Corfu in the time allotted for you, you get to see the places that are away from the tourist hotspots and commercial development. Whether you take up one of their planned excursions or you make an itinerary of your own, a guided tour or excursion will help utilize your time in the most resourceful manner. The trips aren’t too expensive and you can see the natural beauty of the island as well as the monuments and historic ruins.

If you wish to relax and set about discovering the island on your own, hire a car as a scooter is quite unsafe on the roads of Corfu, first take in the sights nearest to your accommodation, the beach, the close by villages, if you happen to visit in the summers, there’s even a train to take the tourists around some of the major attractions of the island. You could also hire a boat and check out the other Ionian Islands, whether you charter a boat or a yacht, the crew will make you comfortable and show you around for a specific amount of time. You could even take the ferry or one of the cruises to the Greek mainland and check out a few places there as well.

Apart from this, if you are an athletic type person or someone who enjoys communing with nature, you could arrange for a map and guidebook and go on the Corfu Trail, it has a spectacular view of Corfu and you can see the beautiful beaches, lush greenery and crystal blue waters from there. There are plenty of walking paths on the trail and you get to witness some untouched natural beauty that will leave you in awestruck. There are companies that even offer cycles for rent, so if you please, you can rent a cycle and check out Corfu. In addition to all this, don’t forget to sample the water related sports in Corfu, parasailing, wakeboarding, water skiing, diving, scuba diving, snorkeling, the list can go on and on about the water sports here. If you wish to learn more about these adventures, there are clubs that offer lessons on perfecting the desired art as well.

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