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26 May, 2012

Where to holiday?

Before you consider what swimming costume to take with you on holiday this year please ask yourself the following question. Am I heading for the right place? There is nothing worse than looking forward to an annual holiday you have painstakingly saved for only to end up somewhere you really don’t want to be.
In fact it all begins as to the reasons why you chose your holiday destination in the first place. Is it because it was a last minute cheap offer? Is it because your neighbors went and thought it was great? Is it because you are seeking a bit of sunshine and it doesn’t really matter where you go?

Holiday Destination

All these are perfectly valid choices of course. I am posing these questions, however, simply to highlight the importance of being conscious as to the reasons why you chose your holiday destination. It could make the difference between a holiday of a lifetime or a memory you would rather forget.
There is nothing wrong with a loud and crowded beach so long as you expected it to be so. There is nothing wrong with loud discos so long as it is what you are looking for and there is definitely nothing wrong with neighbors as long as it is who you would like to spend your precious holiday time with.Finally there is the subject of food, language and culture to consider. It is most disappointing when you expect pasta and the only thing you can get is tzatziki.
In fact if you ask the right questions you can get what you asked for!

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