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17 Jan, 2013

All about accommodations in Corfu

Corfu is the second largest of the Ionian Islands and the best place to enjoy a fun and relaxed summer vacation. The ideal time to visit Corfu is between May and October as the climate is pleasant and not taxing for outdoor activities. Whether you wish to unwind in a remote part of the island or plan to live it up with the nightlife and exotic adventures on offer here, Corfu is a place that is sure to invigorate you and revive you from the usual humdrum of daily life and routine. There are plenty of options as regarding the accommodations in Corfu.
The accommodations in Corfu are many, whether you wish to stay near the beach or inland, near the villages, there are many options to gratify you. If you suffer from allergies and hay fever, it’s a safe bet to stay near the beach as Corfu is covered with olive and cypress trees, that when flower, could aggravate your allergies. Also, staying close to the beach will save time if you plan to spend the day topping up your tan to near perfection and indulging in the various water sport activities available there. If you are a beginner and wish to experience the thrill of the exhilarating water related sports, there are learning centers that can help develop your skill and prepare you for a fun and adrenaline rushing time in the water.
If you wish to explore the island by land, there are again plenty of accommodations in Corfu that can oblige you. Located near villages, both developed and undeveloped, these accommodations can help plan your excursions for you as well. They offer parking spaces for their guests, so if you hire a car or have your own car, there’s no fear of parking here. You can go exploring the quaint villages as well as their developed parts for all your needs (banks, super markets, clinics, pharmacies, etc.). You could go trekking and walking on the Corfu trail as well as on the mountains to see Corfu from a bird’s eye point of view, these places are picturesque and you will notice that the camera can’t stop clicking.
When in town, do remember to check out the historically important monuments like the museums of various varieties as well as the forts and palaces here. You have guides here who can enlighten you with interesting stories of historical and intellectual importance. You could even go olive oil and wine tasting here. There are plenty of groves and vineyards that welcome visitors and enlighten them about the various procedures in the making of olive oil and wine, it’s a trip you will never forget. If you wish to travel by water, you can take the ferry or cruise to the different islands around Corfu and discover the natural beauty of the mainland as well. If you are traveling with kids, be assured that they will have a nice time as Corfu caters to the little ones as well.

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