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Roda is situated in North Corfu and is one of the best known tourist destinations in Corfu. The village is built along the beach and is just below the highest mountain Pantokratoras and make the area also an ideal holiday destination since Roman times, as archaeological evidence of Roman villas.

  • Roda Corfu
  • Roda Corfu
  • Roda Corfu

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Roda is cosmopolitan ,is one of the best areas in Corfu on contemporary life and so visitors besides comfort, feel and the tradition of the village. Restaurants on the beach and around, invites its visitors to familiar flavor of Corfu under the hot Greek sun overlooking the sea. Also the village has a lively nightlife and is famous for endless hours of fun. Roda is a hub for  touring the nearby traditional villages of northern Corfu ,where visitors can encounter the hospitality of local residents. Acharavi ,Sidari and Kassiopi is just a breath for short routes. Finally, in Roda you can find cheap accommodation to stay or big hotels and apartments.

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