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Kato Korakiana

Kato Korakiana is the largest community of the northeast in Corfu, is 15 km away from Corfu Town and is one of the most basic tourist destinations.

  • Kato Korakiana Corfu
  • Kato Korakiana Corfu
  • Kato Korakiana Corfu

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About Kato Korakiana

On the east side of the Kato Korakiana located the Ionian Sea where is formed bays, beaches, picturesque bays and compose together with the mountainous area, a majestic traditional Corfiot landscape. Kato Korakiana has a rich cultural heritage and this is confirmed by the churches which built in the 16th and 17th century and are scattered in all villages. Characteristic monument of the region is the medieval tower of Polyladon which has hosted celebrities such as various kings and emperors of all time periods. To this tour the visitor should not miss visit the stone bridge of Ora which is made of carved Corfiot marble and brick. Other attractions to visit in Kato Korakiana is the old village, the ancient quarter Gikatika and Grava Menigou.

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