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Check out the holiday rentals (Apartments, Hotels & Villas) offered in Corfu, that ranks first among the holiday destinations within the Ionian Sea.

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Central Corfu

Central Corfu includes the town centre of Corfu along with traditional settlements but also tourist resorts on the west and east part of Corfu.

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North Corfu

The beaches of North Corfu are either sandy or pebbly, most of them awarded the Blue Flag and offer a lot of facilities. This part of Corfu is full of olive groves, mountainous areas and amazing natural environment.

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South Corfu

The extremely long, sandy beaches, the cedar forest and the wetland of the Korission Lake along with the crystalline seawaters in South Corfu are must-see.

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A fairytale scenery with exotic beaches, lush vegetation, idyllic locations and luxury accommodation.

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