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The village Arillas located northwest of Corfu is about 40km from the center and Corfu Airport. Arillas  is a small corfiot traditional village and is a reference to those who seek quiet family holidays around the Corfu greenery.

  • Arillas Corfu
  • Arillas Corfu
  • Arillas Corfu

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About Arillas

The village has a rich history, having dated around 1850-70 when residents came down from the mountains of Corfu and the first houses built made of clay, sea pebbles and olive-wood. Some samples of such houses still exists in the form of huts for livestock farming. Later the village developed  tourism  and attracted tourists not only for the history but also for the beautiful nature of the area cause the visitor has the opportunity to cross through the paths which lead however to other nearby villages. Arillas stands out because it has one of the most beautiful beaches in Corfu. Visitors can also enjoy other than the natural beauty of the village and the various festivals during the summer period. Finally, the village Arillas has beautiful tavernas and a variety of accommodation, also in the area prepare the famous fresh Corfu Beer Real Ale Special.

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