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11 Jan, 2013

Walking the Trail: The Corfu Way

The Island of Corfu is like a heaven for those who are avid fans of walking. Walking destinations like the high summit of Mount Pantokrator, the Ropa Plain, the long and gently sloping hills covered with a multitudes of those magnificent groves of olives, the sand dunes graced with many junipers and the place’s valleys covered with chestnut and oak trees. The island provides innumerable assorted landscapes that can awe one’s eyes.
Aside from the main town of Corfu and those very attractive resorts and beaches in the area, most parts of the island actually not frequently visited and some villages can actually make you feel like you have time travelled to a different era or century. You will truly experience peace and serenity in these places in Corfu. The excellent time for you to experience these villages is during spring, autumn and during summer when the times when the dominance of heat is over since that at these times, wild flowers bloom like a carpet in the grounds.

The ‘Corfu Trail’, established in 2001, is the island’s long-distance walking destination. It starts from the southernmost tip at Arkoudillas and ends at the northernmost point in Agia Ekaterini. Walkers usually start walking from the south to the north since that some of the magnificent views and highlights will be witnessed in the northern part of the track. The trail is approximately 220 kilometers long and way marks, which are yellow sign having the “TC” sign, are strategically put in locations go make sure that walkers will surely not be lost in their way. Every two to three years, these way marks are changed but there might be possibilities they will be in the same place.

Walking the trail will take for about 10 days to be completed, so it will be very helpful create your own schedule to savour the time while doing the epic walk. Guidebooks like ‘Companion Guide to the Corfu Trail’ will provide you notes and information about the walk. Along with the notes are maps to the trail. These sheets can be laminated before the walk to provide ease while hiking. During the trail, walkers might be asked to contribute five Euros for the maintenance and development of the infrastructures of the trail. Everyday accommodations can be seen in the guidebooks during the walk and you can also arrange a luggage transfer to make it easier for you to travel while strolling in the trail.

The experience to this walking destination will provide you a different experience in going to the island of Corfu, not only that you will get to be healthy but you will also experience a less tiring one since that the panoramic view along the trail very truly provide rest and serenity. Also the fact that you will get to know different kinds of people and know the different culture that the island has to offer to its thousand of visitor every year will give the idea of going back again next holiday to this lovable tourist destination.

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