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14 Jan, 2013

The dive center in corfu

The Dive Center in Corfu is one of the most professional and friendly diving centers of Corfu. The staff is personable and enjoy doing their job thoroughly. A full range of PADI courses and diving packages are available here whether for singles or for a group. Whether you are a novice or an experienced diver, the Dive Center treats you in an affable manner and makes sure that you get into your comfort zone as soon as possible. Holiday packages are available from April to November. There are plenty of hotels in Corfu near the Dive Center, so if you are planning to spend your Corfu vacation in diving and water activities, make sure you have a room nearby to make commuting easy.
The Dive Center even has an offer of booking early with them and they provide you a full week of unlimited diving with insurance, accommodation and transfer services in an all inclusive package. The Dive Center is located in Kassiopi, a charming and quaint fishing village with not much a rush, hence diving here is a pleasure and it provides you with ample of space and privacy to enjoy doing your thing. The reefs here provide some of the best diving spots on the island. The reefs and underwater caves are spectacularly brilliant, something a diving enthusiast must see.

The harbor area of Kassiopi still has its old world charm with boats coming in daily to sell their fresh catch to the taverns and restaurants nearby. There are plenty of shops, bars and restaurants in Kassiopi to pass your time, just remember to book yourself in one of the hotels in Corfu nearby Kassiopi to utilize your vacation time to the maximum. The nightlife here is pretty upbeat as there are lots of cruises and other boats that dock in the harbor to taste the local cuisine on offer, especially the fish and seafood variety as well as party all night round.

The Dive Shop offers a selection of scuba equipment as well as beach and surf wear for men and women. You can find pretty cute knick knacks or souvenirs here as well like T-shirts, caps, sweatshirts, towels, mugs, key chains, pens, etc. They even have underwater cameras for single and longer use along with printing and CD copying facilities.  The Dive Shop has sixty full sets of equipment for diving along with almost 250 wet suits starting from an nine year olds size to a twenty and thirty stone diver’s size. All the equipment is inspected regularly and is in excellent condition.

Their boat is equipped to help lower handicap divers to the sea as well as lift them up, this is another reason why the Dive Shop is gaining in popularity as it caters to everyone from kids to the special needs group. Their boat is large enough to hold a group of ninety nine people, all amenities are provided for include two 1000L freshwater tanks. The upper deck is big enough for parties and BBQ, there’s even a kitchen in the lower deck to provide for the hungry divers.

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