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07 Jun, 2012

Why Corfu?

If you haven’t already visited Corfu yourself you probably know someone that already has. During the 60’s and 70’s Corfu was the hip place to be from free style camping to Onassis style yachting. During the 80’s and 90’s package holiday groups set their mark on the scene and early in new the new millennium much has yet to be seen.
Corfu is currently undergoing a huge identity change with much of the old style accommodation, cheap tourist shops and ouzo drinking cruise boats still available. A keen eye, however, will notice that something new is afloat much of it being born forth by a younger generation of Corfiots many of which travelled abroad and have now returned to offer their experiences locally.
For example, Corfu has one of the highest return holiday rates in Europe and it is not simply because the food is good or its inhabitants friendly. Much has been said about the island’s beauty and the colour of its sparkling sea. The idea that Corfu is in fact the Green Island of the Mediterranean finally appears to be crystallizing. Slow but steady is the growing pace of ecofriendly businesses and exciting new ventures that highlight the natural richness of the island and are getting to the top of the Corfu To Do list.
Finding the new image that will encapsulate the islands’ complexity and richness of natural and cultural heritage is no easy task. So much has been done already here or elsewhere that an aware traveler is able to discern whether something is genuinely new or just another repeat in the line of many. Much of what is new and innovative is not marketed as it is not aiming for the high-street. Next time you visit Corfu check out “Aspros Korakas” bio-farm near the center west village of Pelekas for local clean produce or visit “Bioporos” for a farmer’s bite to eat near Korission lake in the south.
If you seek you shall find!

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