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07 Jun, 2012

Where the Locals Swim

One would think that most things to see or do on Corfu Island have been covered in tourist guide books or holiday web sites. In fact what is written in most of these is hardly ever written by locals and most often than not the same tourist orientated locations get covered every time.
Next time you visit Corfu Town grab your bikini and a towel and head for Anemomylos. This is the windmill you can see at the end of Garitsa Bay, the long stretch of water-front boulevard past the Old Fortress that heads south towards the airport. Most locals like to do reach it on foot to add a bit of exercise into the routine whilst others arrive by bicycle.
The water is crystal clear most days of the year and has no less appeal than the waters of Corfu’s south sandy beaches. This spot, however, is visited daily by the town locals for their constitutional swim. A remedy they say that keeps them healthy all year round.  In fact the group of dedicated winter swimmers call themselves “The Penguins”.
Sitting on a bench along the water front listening and watching the shouts and splashes around you is an unforgettable snap shot you won’t often experience elsewhere. Children, grandmothers, office workers, Greeks and foreigners alike mix together along a short stretch of paving to satisfy the same need: their love for the sea.
The 360 view of the bay and the luxurious private yachts that moor out at sea lend themselves to a healthy day dreaming adventure. To add a bit of luxury to your own personal adventure enjoy a smooth cold coffee in the recently renovated Anemomylos café before heading home.

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