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21 Jan, 2013

Two off Beat Places to Visit in Corfu

A lot can be said about the beautiful beaches, waters, monuments and natural scenery of Corfu. There is plenty to see and do here, so whether you are on a short trip or a long one, you won’t be bored or run out of things to do in Corfu. What you must ensure is to get booked in one of the numerous Corfu apartments here. The apartment complexes offer you privacy and independence in a way that usual hotels or resorts don’t. Corfu apartments have modern first rate facilities along with modern amenities to suit your tastes and budget.

Booking in advance in one of the Corfu apartments will ensure that you have the first priority and some places even offer a discount if booked early. The packages vary on the season, choose an appropriate time to go to Corfu so you can enjoy its beautiful mild climate and see the sights without any hassle. Summer is the ideal time to visit as winter can be a bit cold and wet. The Corfu apartments are usually owned by families making it the ideal place to stay at with your own family. The service is based on customer’s satisfaction and the staff is all friendly and warm.

If you do happen to stay in one of the Corfu apartments, you will have a fully equipped kitchen and a refrigerator for your meals and drinks to cool in. To replenish the stock, do visit the morning market of Corfu. It lasts till about 2 pm and you get the freshest of the freshest produce including fruits, vegetables and fish. It is located on the Gerasimou Markora Street, near the new fortress. The fish is sold in big paper cones and you get their best and fresh product. Some of the tavern owners and friendly and sweet enough to share their recipes with you, so if you are in the mood to cook up a storm while vacationing, this market is the place to get your ingredients. If you wish to just relax and watch the morning’s activity and people, you can stop by at the café nearby and sample their great coffee while watching the world go by around you.

You could also go walking in some of the tracks off the usual path and discover great places in Corfu like the old village of Perithia. Perithia is a protected heritage site. The village’s origin dates back to the fourteenth century and recently its houses and churches are being restored to its former glory. There are a total of four taverns that are open here and offer some excellent food. You could get a guided tour here as well as some pictures from then and now at a few bookshops. The air is fresh and clean and tends to invigorate you. Perithia is only an hour’s drive away from the Corfu Town and then its like stepping back into time, in a place where time seems to have frozen.

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