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23 Jan, 2013

Entertainment in Corfu

Corfu has made its name as one of the best holiday destinations in the world, and has earned it too. The diverse culture, history and heritage of this island make it unique in its own way. You go to Corfu and learn so much, the entertainment and endless array of activities keep you relaxed and fit throughout your stay here. Accommodation in Corfu is quite easy to attain, advance bookings can be made and you might get a discount on these too. Some places are open throughout the year, while others only during the summers, the peak tourist season.

Corfu is for everybody, everyone has an amazing time here, be it the elderly or the children, Corfu caters to everyone’s needs. Some places are accessible by wheelchair, making it easy to maneuver the elderly or the physically disabled; these areas even include some of the beaches. The nightlife in Corfu is lively and apt for families as well as youngsters. Some places in Corfu are known for its wild nights, but mostly, if you go to Corfu with your wife or partner or even as a family, things are sedate enough to have a good time without worrying about safety or being heckled by strangers.

The accommodation in Corfu is usually plentiful near the beaches or in the villages. The amenities are all modern with loads of facilities as well. If you wish to indulge in true Greek culture, check out the Finikas Theatre, the oldest outdoor cinema in the whole of Greece. The films shown here are usually undubbed international ones. It’s located in Corfu Town and the film selections change every alternate or third week. The courtyard of the cinema is very pretty and it runs from June to September. If you wish to check out the indoor cinema in Corfu, there’s one called Orpheus as well.

The crime rate is pretty low and so walking about at night isn’t much of an issue, though you do have to be careful in town, as there are a few petty pickpockets. Bars and discos are open till late with plenty of entertainment going round and walking back to your hotel in the wee hours of the morning isn’t a safety issue, you will see plenty of people roaming about. The accommodation in Corfu is usually a family affair, with the whole family running the business; the people are friendly and try to ensure your vacation goes about without a hitch. They are pretty helpful as well as they could even guide you to the best companies offering trips and excursions. They could even book you one as well.

If the place you are staying at doesn’t have a foreign currency exchange, you can surely find one near the supermarket on inside one as well. Pharmacies and clinics are pretty common in the village, which are usually at a walking distance from your accommodation. There’s plenty of entertainment in Corfu to keep you occupied the whole while without getting bored. Some places offer you live entertainment with your meals as well.

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