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18 Jun, 2012

What is in an island?

There is something about an island, the sun and beach kind, that one does not feel living on the mainland. Rather than feeling restricted by the inability to jump in a car and head for the neighboring country one is compensated by a sense of expansiveness promised by the distant horizon.

Feel as if you are on Holiday

The surrounding sea allows you to dream, to imagine, to float, to travel, to feel as if you are on holiday even though you might not be. There is always a breathtaking view in site that reminds us that heaven might in fact be right here on Earth. Corfu has been awarded 26 Blue Flags for prominent beaches on the island and there are at least double that amount of beaches one would need a bit of local advice to get to.
Your early aim in life on an island is probably to buy a boat rather than a house mortgage and one’s mood is definitely affected by the weather but alas around here it’s usually on the sunny side of things.
You can pick and choose sunrise or sunset spots as you please and even catch both in the same day. There is something about the sea breeze that carries messages of faraway places across the sea that lends adventure to the every day.
An island is a microcosm of any big city or foreign country and Corfu has it all. Mountain highs and the sea, pebbles and golden sand, art and culture as well as the rustic outdoors. In fact think of any pleasure giving activity you would like to undertake whilst on holiday and you’ll probably find it here.
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