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23 Nov, 2012

Welcome to blue flagged Kerasia

There is a calm cove located between Kouloura and Agios Stefanos (East) which attracts lots of tourists because of its really stunning and very long beach. With even just one Taverna, one Cafe-Bar and scattering villas in the vicinity, big groups like families like to visit these place giving them time to have a reunion and an amazing vacation. Even the Rothschild has a holiday home in the area, Prince Charles and the Lord of Salisbury are fascinated with the magnificent panorama of the beach that made them regular in that place.

The beach is really ideal and perfect for young couples and families who wanted to have peace and serenity. A boat or a car is advised to visit the place since that it most of the other areas are away but if you are adventurous person and have lots of stamina, you can also try to walk because they have also coastal walks to experience the fresh air coming from the sea.

Kerasia is not the type for youngsters and teens since that it can be very quiet. The place is a very good place to contemplate and to read your favourite novel.

Along the shore are installed boardwalks and umbrellas can be rented in a cheap daily price during if you wanted to stay away from the heat of the sun. After immersing in the crystal waters in Kerasia’s beach, showers, toilets and changing areas are available to use. Guidance is really recommended if you are going to allow little children to swim in the beautiful beach of Kerasia since that the water is very shallow and then deepens by any chance without you getting a hint. There is a lot of parking spaces in the area making it very easy for car drivers to park their cars.

The beach is actually being awarded with a ‘Blue Flag’ as a recommended beach, a certification that tells that the beach has met the high standards of the Economic European Community or EEC which has these following criteria: safety, environmental education and information, water quality, the provision of services and general environmental management. This certification indicates that a beach or a marina has high environmental and quality standards. Truly, the stunning and beautiful beach of Kerasia really deserves the certification since that it is very clean and you never even see a sea urchin in the shore.

Aside from the Rothschild Estate, there is no other place that you can go, so you can always try a tea or read a fine book in it. There is only one Café-Bar (Da Stefano) and a Taverna (Taverna Kerasia) in the vicinity located in the front of the beach but the great with it is that they serve lots of mouth-watering traditional Greek cuisine that will truly increase your appetite. There are also no bars in the area making you away from the loud sound and noise. You can also make your stay a little bit fun by renting a canoe or a pedlo available on the beautiful beach of Kerasia. It is also feasible to rent a boat in Agios Stefanos and will just bring it as soon as possible.

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