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21 Jan, 2013

Top Four Reasons to Visit Corfu

Corfu is the second largest of the Greek Ionian Islands and one of the top most holiday destinations of the world. The reasons to visit Corfu are plenty – the variety of beaches, crystal blue waters, lush vegetation and wildlife, the silver green mountains, and mild weather are just a few general incentives to visit this beautiful island, there are plenty more that will be listed below. Just remember that with plenty of accommodations available here, choose one of the bed and breakfast hotels in Corfu to stay in while holidaying. These are charming and family run establishments that are easy on the budget and heavy on the service.

The bed and breakfast hotels in Corfu offer you various amenities and the biggest advantage in staying here is that you have a lot of privacy as well as independence. Most of these bed and breakfast hotels in Corfu have home cooked meals and the local delicacies are finger licking good as well as quite healthy, but if you prefer, you could have a few continental dishes as well. Listed below are five of the best reasons to visit Corfu in the summers:

The Mouse Island – Locally known as the Pontikonisi, but got its name “mouse island” from the staircase of one of the most famous monasteries there- the Pantokrator Monastery, the staircase is white and resembles a mouse’s tail. The views from this island are just fabulous and you can go on a cruise there or charter a yacht and do the same, but this is something you cannot miss when in Corfu.

Paleokastritsa – The beaches of Paleokastritsa are famous, the turquoise blue waters, the cliffs and grottos, the sun, sand, surf, everything about Paleokastritsa is glamorous and spectacular, not a place you want to miss visiting EVER. According to Greek mythology, Odysseus extolled Paleokastritsa and apparently it’s in one of Homer’s works as well.

Corfu Town – Ideal place for shopping as well as getting a feel of the history and heritage of Corfu. The old part is a sanctioned UNESCO World Heritage site, it is preserved as is, seems like you have stopped back in time and the Town has some amazing museums that one must visit when in the island. These museums are different from the usual and really educate you on the past of the Island and in a way that is interesting and fun, for adults and kids alike.

Mon Repos – Said to be the birthplace of Prince Philip, it was built by an British Commissioner as a gift for his local Corfiot wife, a museum now, with beautiful gardens as well a secret beach. This is a place you can fall in love with and not want to leave.
These are just a few of the places that are so enchanting, it’s like you have stepped into a beautiful, sunny fairytale. The ideal place to relax and spend your vacation, Corfu is not a place you will get bored or regret coming to.

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