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22 Nov, 2012

The universal appeal of holidays in Corfu

Despite being one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, Corfu still retains its old world charm. You can’t get enough of Corfu, its greenery, crystal clear waters, sandy as well as rocky beaches, the scenic views, historic building, all are something you can visit again and again, yet not tire of. The villages are quaint and charming; there are a couple of fishing villages as well that seem to have stopped way back in time. There are plenty of places where you can settle in for your holiday here, but remember that apartments in Corfu give you more independence and privacy as compared to a hotel.
The apartments in Corfu have a variety of amenities to suit your budget as well as requirements. Booking in advance is always preferred, though you may be able to find one on a last minute basis. The west coast of Corfu is hilly with silvery green olive and cypress trees covering it from end to end. Corfu is a paradise that offers something for everyone. You could just walk around visiting the villages nearby and taking in the local customs, traditions and heritage. Or you could check out the various historic archeological sites like forts and palaces as well as museums and churches.
If you are coming to Corfu, then obviously you are looking to relax and suntan on the beaches and maybe even poolside of your accommodation. If you are looking for something more exhilarating, try out the different marine water sports like scuba divives are a must see as is the blue lagoon, these can only be viewed by boat. You could also charter a yacht to take you around; there are plenty of companies that offer various excursions at differentng, snorkeling, water skiing, wakeboarding, etc. Some of the places in Corfu are wheelchair accessible, so taking along the elderly or special needs people is quite easy here as well. Corfu has a very good public transport system with buses and shuttles to and from various places within Corfu. Corfu has the mountains on one side and from Mount Pantokrator, you have spectacular 360° vies of Corfu as well as Italy.
You can also hire a boat to see around Corfu, the stalactite and stalagmite ca price ranges. Depending on the accommodation you are staying in and the facilities they provide you with, they could even book your excursions for you, or you could plan them out yourself, customizing the itinerary to suit your needs. Some of the owners of the apartments in Corfu go above and beyond their duty to make your stay as comfortable as possible, hiring taxis or cars or other means of transport for you to cut out any hassles you would have to face.
The locals are very friendly, and English is commonly spoken on the island as it heavily relies on tourism, The crime rate is low and the nightlife lively, walking around at night is pretty common fare, so one needn’t worry about being alone at night.

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