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29 Jan, 2013

Some Tidbits About The Old Town Of Corfu

The Old Town of Corfu goes back to the eighth century BC; it is strategically located at the entrance of the Adriatic Sea. It has three magnificent forts which were designed by the Venetians to protect their maritime trading interests against the Ottoman Empire. If you do happen to visit Corfu, you must visit the Old Town, its like a trip down history, where you can see the influence of the various occupations in the area. The Old Town of Corfu has legitimate authentic roots in history and there are various things one can do there. Remember to book one of the numerous holiday rentals in Corfu beforehand and get a good bargain in the process, Corfu will be a vacation you won’t forget.
Several of the holiday rentals in Corfu that are available are located at a stone’s throw away from the beach. There are several taverns in and around Corfu that offer a gastronomic delight of the local Greek cuisine, don’t forget to try out the seafood delicacies. If you aren’t interested in hiring a car or boat to look around, you can always catch the public transport that is well organized with regular trips to and from the Old Town. The Old Town has its fair share of shops where you can find souvenirs as well as other local fare.
Around every corner in the old Town of Corfu you can find an old mansion, a hidden garden square or a chapel. During the summers, the old fort there has nightly musical performances with light and sound. But it’s very rare to have a guided tour through the fort; you need to check it out on your own. To beat the heat and for some refreshments, a café within the fort is available to get away from the sun. The St. Spiridon’s church in the Old Town is a must visit, remember to be dressed appropriately, the architecture is something you must check out. In honor of their patron saint, St. Spiridon, a procession takes place four times a year.
The Old Town is ideal for history buffs, with everything preserved very well and in pretty decent condition. You can never really sink into the local culture and heritage until you haven’t seen its historic background. Another place to check out in the old Town is the Palace of St. Michael and St. George, Prince Philip was born here and is another architectural wonder. The holiday rentals in Corfu can also be found near the Old Town or at least close by, some of these places even book your excursions for you and since many of them are owned by families are very helpful and friendly and try to accommodate your needs to the maximum possible level. This is why Corfu is a vacation which is equally good whether you are travelling alone, with family or a group of friends. The facilities are pretty decent and the locals quite warm and cheerful.

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