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10 Jan, 2013

The Mythology that Started it All

Every place has its story to tell, one time in Greece, the stories of mythology fascinates everyone on how a place or a thing originated, and historical island of Corfu has its own.
The island of Corfu can be frequently seen in  Greek mythology. Kerkyra, name in Modern Greek, is actually from a name of a nymph, the daughter of the river-god Asopos. Their offspring brought to the world the race of the Phaeacians.
Corfu’s name is also associated to the demonic deity that was found on a pediment of the ancient temple of Artemis. Corfu is also a corruption of koryphi, meaning peak, because of the time when the Byzantine Empire during the 7th century reach its highs and begun constructing a castle and re-establishing later the main town of the island.
The word Kerkyra is only used in the country of Greece but in the world, the island is known as historical island of Corfu. Local people still prefer to call the town as Kerkyra.
In the story of Odysseus in Odyssey, the island is where the hero Odysseus was washed ashore after a shipwreck and was helped by Goddess Athena. He was later awakened by the laughter of the daughter of the king Princess Nausika andher friends while washing his clothes in the nearest stream which was possibly the modern Ermones. After that, Odysseus was brought to the Phaeacian Palace and revealed his identity to King Alkinoos. The king gave him a ship so that he could go back to Ithaka. However, still angry to Odysseus because of blinding his son Cyclops and also in revenge because the Phaeacians helped him, Poseidon turned the ship into stone.
Paleolithic period artifacts has been found by archaeologists in cave at a place called Gardiki located in the southwestern part of the island. Evidences were also found to justify that there are people who inhabited the land during the Mesolithic and the Neolithic period. Settlements evidences were found including the one near Sidari.
A time before the 8th century, throughout the Geometric period, the ancestors of the Albanians called the Illyrians take control of the island. It was during the 750 BC when the Greeks arrived in the island when a city of the country Eritrea called Euobean established a settlement in the island. During the 734 BC, the Corinthians who brought its wealth and culture to the island took over the place driving away the Eritrians. This was move started the plans of colonizing the west like the place called Kroton in southern Italy. In the 665th BC, the first sea battle in the history of Greece happened between Corfu and Corinth. This was not the last battle between the two and this war ended after many centuries.
Currently, the historical island of Corfu emerges independently welcoming multitudes of foreign visitors from around the world and producing tons of olive oil to the country of Greece.

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