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10 Jan, 2013

The Interracial Delicacies

The local delicacies of Corfu Island are a combination Sicilian, Venetian and French, the races that one occupied the place. If someone will be able to go to the right place, he will likely have the opportunity of tasting these savoury and mouth-watering dishes.
One of the very famous dish in the island is a derivation of the Venetian dish called Spezzatino, the local specialty ‘Pastitsado’ which is a combination of beef and gravy which is then cooked with fresh local tomatoes in a thick pasta. Another dish has a Franco-Venetian origin which is a stewed beef topped with a white sauce called Sofrito.
During Palm Sunday, usually every 25th of March, locals cook a fried fish in a rosemary sauce and are a favourite during this celebration called Savoro. They also cook this amazing fish dish in lemon and garlic called Bianco. One amazing thing about this dish is that most local people use scorpion in replacement of fish.
Smoked and salted meat such as bacon, dried salami, Nouboulo, and the native sausages in the village combined with spices are called locally as Charcuteries.
One should always try to taste Kumquat, a trademark in this island which is a liquor made from a fruit similar to lemon. Another trademark is called Mandolato which is actually a black and white nougat. The ginger beer, which was brought by the English people in the 19th century, is also a traditional refreshment drink in the island.
The handmade ice creams in Corfu Island made of fruits depending on the season have this very succulent taste and can very feel ecstatic once tasted.
The island is also very prominent in the production of wine which is also a long time tradition in the area. These tasty wines are actually made from private vineyards owned by local families or small associations and not of big wineries. Since that all of the wine are homemade, no chemical additives are added and some of the most popular are Kakotrigis, Moschato and Petrokoritho. Kakotrigis is either sweet or dry. This is their local version of white wine. Moschato is also a white wine which is light and sweet. Petrokoritho is a dry and crimson.
The taste of Corfu Island through its native delicacies defines the rich and colourful history. Each dish gives a glimpse in the unique cultural heritage and stories of every different race that once invaded and took over the very fertile soil.

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