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21 Jan, 2013

The History of the Mon Repos Palace

Mon Repos is located in Kanoni on top of a hill (Analipsis) and is surrounded by beautifully landscaped English gardens which can give you a view of the sea as well. Built in 1831 by a British Commissioner, Frederic Adam as a gift for his local Corfiot wife, Nina Palatianou, the structure has classic English colonial style architecture. After Greece won its independence from Britain, Mon Repos was used as a summer retreat by the Greek royals. In 1921, Prince Philip, then a Prince of Greece and Denmark was born here in the palace. There are plenty of hotels in Corfu nearby, making touring this palace quite easy.

Throughout the 1990’s, a battle ensued between the Greek government and the former royal family of Greece about the palace’s ownership. Finally, the Greek government settled and opened the palace completely to the public as a museum and in dedication to Corfu’s history. The palace was fully restored before opening and there is no entrance fee to get in. If you are staying in one of the hotels in Corfu that is close to the palace, you can easily explore the grounds that extensive and check out the various places within the property. The gardens are so lovely, that you forget how time flies and keep walking in it, soaking in its beauty, peace and tranquility.

The grounds of the palace hold a remote Doric temple from the 7th Century BC as well as a beach that was exclusively used by the royals alone. Now, you can swim in its waters with the other locals and tourists and witness for yourself the luxury the royals indulged in. The crystalline waters, pure, fresh and green are so hypnotic; you can just forget about time and float in its magnificence. You could also jump off the nearby pier and splash around in the Ionian Sea as well. If you love the beach and nature at its best and most original form, stay in one of the hotels in Corfu close to the Mon Repos palace and enjoy the short distance to the beach as well as magnificent views from your balcony room every day.

Remains from the ancient times have been discovered on the opposite side of Mon Repos, in the old section of the Corfu Town, making it a popular belief that Mon Repos Palace itself is built atop parts of ancient Corfu. There is plenty to see close by, you can hire a car or other means of transport to take you around the various villages nearby as well as other museums and churches around town. The museum inside Mon Repos itself holds splendid artifacts and throws a bright light on the history of the island. To taste the local fare be sure to visit the taverns and bars close by, the food is delicious and a good break from the norm you are used to. Greek cuisine is famous for its healthy ingredients and the local wine is just fantastic.

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