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17 Jan, 2013

Τaxi tours in Corfu

Taxi Tours Corfu

Taxi Tours is a company that offers private tours in Corfu by land.  They take you to some of the most important and interesting places on the island along with places of historical importance. You are given enough freedom to check out a few of the local villages as well as taverns and restaurants to taste the mouthwatering local delicacies along with shopping for souvenirs and local goods as well as go relax and swim in the beaches. The starting point is the port and then they commence to take you to three of the most amazing sites in Corfu. Taxi Tours offer the best private tours in Corfu with a good value for your money.

Private tour packages in Corfu

The private tours in Corfu that are provided by Taxi Tours range from three to six hours (different choices available), all of them are suitable for four people and charges are applied per hour. They also offer a full day tour of the Greek mainland. The tours they offer are as follows:
Panorama Tour – This tour takes you to the northern part of Corfu, on top of a mountain where you can visit the villages of Lakones, Makrades and Doukades on the way. You even get to see the monastery of the Virgin Mary. Then you come down to the middle of Corfu and visit the Pelekas village, you can see the coast from here as well as views of Albania and Greece. Finally you get to visit Kanoni with its panoramic views and the Vlaherena Monastery. This tour takes about three to six hours with charges per hour and you get dropped off at the town or back at the port.
Paleokastritsa – Corfu Town – This tour takes you to the north western side of the island to Paleokastritsa where you can pick and choose what to see, then you head towards Corfu Town for a spot of shopping in the Old Town section as well as stroll in the streets and take in the culture. You end the tour back at the port; this tour can be altered to suit your tastes.
Achilleion – Kanoni – Corfu Town – This tour starts off with a visit to the Gastouri villages and the Achilleion Palace there. You get to check out the palace thoroughly, and then you go to Kanoni where you see spectacular views and the Vlaherena Monastery and then finally Corfu Town.
Sports Tour – Here you get to indulge in water sports, golfing as well as scuba diving. The banana boats, rings and body boards cost €12 each/person, water skiing and wakeboarding cost €25 each/person and parachuting costs €40/person.
Aqualand – Ideal for groups or families, fun for everyone, Aqualand is a water theme park, one of the largest of its kind in Europe.
Greek Mainland – You go across to the mainland by ferry (allows cars storage onboard) and then stop by the Metsovo village. There you can go wine and cheese tasting as well as shop for local handicrafts. Then you are taken to Meteora which has plenty of monasteries dating back to the twelfth century, some of which seem to hang from rocks. Then you stop for a meal at the Kalabaka village and then get to see the beautiful lake of Ioannina and its small island. This tour is charged per day.
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