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26 Aug, 2012

Summer Toes

summer toesConsidering all the preparation that goes into a summer holiday from choosing a summer destination to your favorite accommodation the simplest and most effective way to feel good whilst on holiday is the color of your toes. I can hear men feeling left out on this one but I assure you that a woman that feels good also means her other half feels good too.

Sexy, healthy and glamorous

A recent fan of pedicures and painted toe nails myself, I have been studying the outcome of my venture. There is an undisputable spring in my step that goes with freshly painted feet in summer sandals. It makes me feel glamorous, sexy and healthy in fact.
I called my usual on a Monday for an appointment recently and there was nothing free until the following Saturday. Apparently I am not the only one with such sensations. Mariella Nails is fast, clean, convenient and friendly. The Asian Spa is a luxurious option that leaves you feeling on a summer high.

The shape of your toes and feet are really not interesting to others

If you feel too white, too wide or too worn out to hit the beach in confidence do your precious feet a favor and paint your toes a happy shade. I simply find it lovely to look at the far end of my sun bed and see a splash of colour. The shape of your toes and feet are really not interesting to others. I believe the most noticeable factor is whether we take care of them or not.
In fact watching my coral pink toes pocking out of the sand make me giggle!

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