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Peroulades is a picturesque village northwest of Corfu and is about 40 km from Corfu town. The village recorded in the pre Homeric years about 12.000 B.C and the name comes from the share name Peroulis.

About Peroulades

This place was developed in the middle Ages because there were strong garrison that protected the region with a large wall. This large wall helped to prevent the pirate cannons who wanted to destroy the Venetian architecture which still preserved even today. The visitor can admire Venetian mansions with coats of arms, tall stone walls and characteristic iron doors. Also in the area it is worth visiting the home of the famous Greek poet Andreas Kalvos.

Logas Beach

The beach of Logas is located just outside of village Peroulades. The region accepts every year thousands of visitors because there has clay stone and the surprisingly sunset that are famous all over in Greece. The beach is sandy and opposite located the two small islands Othoni and Erikousa. The view of green rocks in combination with crystal blue waters and the magical sun set make the landscape unforgettable.

Cape of Drastis

The Cape of Drastis is a complex of rocks in the sea and is one of the most beautiful landscapes that highlight the nature of Corfu. For centuries, the wind and the waves helped to form amazingly sculptures, where the access there is done only by boat; this fact has kept the beaches pure and natural without touristic development. Every visitor, in order to come to the Cape of Drastis will need to pass through the picturesque streets of the village Peroulades. When you reach the square, turn right and after one kilometer you will find a hill, with view that you will never forget.


In Peroulades, the visitor has the opportunity to choose between small complex of apartments with swimming pools and snack bars and traditional guesthouses with Venetian style. Also in the area there are apartments and studios near to the beach.

Things to do in Peroulades

Peroulades offers quiet family vacations, but also are very close to Sidari which has rich nightlife. In the village you can find traditional corfiot taverns, as Bikolis Taverna and Panorama Restaurant 7th Heaven. Also the village has small coffee shops, and mini markets.

Places of Interest

Cape Drastis
Logas Beach


Corfu Town 39,0km
Corfu Airport 39,6km
Corfu Port 36,7km
General Hospital 31,9km
Aqualand 35,5km
Achilleion Palace 45,0km

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