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The predominant traditional architecture of this village and the amazing landscape gain the attention of vacationers.

About Karousades

The name of this village derives from the refugees that have arrived in Corfu from the town of Karousa. While wandering in the picturesque narrow paths of this village you will see some renovated mansions with great architecture.

Where to swim near Karousades

The village of Karousades is located very close to the cosmopolitan location of Sidari of northwestern Corfu, featuring the famous Canal d’ Amour (Channel of Love) which is going to offer the best swimming experience. For those pursuing seclusion and more peaceful moments, there is the beach of Astrakeri nearby, which is still unspoilt and surrounded by dense vegetation.

Accommodation in Karousades

In the village of Karousades you can find lovely accommodation opportunities such as hotels with swimming pool, though the nearby seaside locations, such as Sidari, may be an alternative for staying while in Corfu.

Things to do in Karousades

If you decide to stay in Karousades, you will be able to visit stunning resorts of Corfu, like Sidari and Acharavi in order to enjoy swimming and sunbathing. Moreover, the natural environment of Karousades and the traditional architecture of the existing mansions make it an ideal destination for hiking and explorations. Finally, Karousades boast a cultural association, organizing special events regarding music, dance and environment throughout the year.


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