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One of the most beautiful villages in Corfu, with colourful buildings, old mansions and picturesque narrow-streets.

About Afionas

This lovely village is situated in North Corfu, offering panoramic views to the beaches of Arillas and Agios Georgios Pagi. The brilliant sunset from this location only adds to the total beauty of it. Near the village of Afionas you can find the beaches of Porto Timoni, the twin beaches separated by a narrow piece of land.

Where to swim near Afionas

The most famous beaches of Afionas are the twin beaches of Porto Timoni, that can be approached on foot (30-minute walk). While walking through the narrow paths, you will find out some deserted medieval buildings and you will surely adore the surrounding natural environment of the region. Alternatively, the nearby areas of Arillas or Agios Georgios Pagoi can be visited for swimming and relaxation.

Accommodation in Afionas

You can find some nice apartments in Afionas with panoramic sea views or other holiday rentals in Arillas or Agios Georgios Pagi, located very close to the region of Afionas.

Things to do in Afionas

Watching the sunset from a brilliant location, wandering through the narrow streets, enjoying breathtaking views to the beaches of Porto Timoni while savouring a delicious meal in Afionas could make your stay in Corfu unforgettable.

Places of Interest

Porto Timoni


Corfu Town 35,3km
Corfu Airport 35,8km
Corfu Port 33,0km
General Hospital 28,2km
Aqualand 31,8km
Achilleion Palace 41,3km

Getting to Afionas

Green Bus

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