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20 Sep, 2012

Resident Artists

Whether a result of Corfu island’s geographical position and consequent crucible of cultures or simply a matter of temperament, there is a large number of resident artists both Greek and otherwise living here.

A natural need to express beauty

By art, in this instance, I mean one’s natural gift to express beauty. I have no desire here to discriminate as to the value of this expression in monetary terms or otherwise. I do wish, however, to highlight the fact that exceptional artists reside here and it is indeed possible to visit their workshop spaces.

A love for the sea

Nikos Michalopoulos has been producing his own unique designs in sculpture and jewellery for over fifty years. He has exhibited on an international scale but his permanent workshop can be found on Evraiki, the old Jewish quarter of Corfu own.
Nikos source of inspiration has been his love for the sea. His forms are naturally organic and reminiscent of the underwater world of the Ionian Sea. His unique creations are recently available through Niko’s on-line shop as well.

The power of light

Dimitra Mazi represents a younger generation of artists that has married her experience abroad as a Public Artist and her commitment to establish herself in her home town of Corfu. Dimitra’s creative expression is through the delicate but highly sophisticated medium of glass and colour. She harnesses the power of light to create form and feeling in the most personal way. Her custom made orders are a dream.
Marios Sarakinos is a craftsman that expresses his art through the sacred Olive Tree. Many samples of olive wood artifacts can be found in tourist shops. Few, however, are as unique as those on show at Mario’s exhibition space in Kassiopi. His flare and instinctive use of natural shapes is immediately apparent.

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