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29 Jan, 2013

Painting Your Holiday in Corfu

Every artist will always found home in the magnificent natural panorama that the island of Corfu can provide in his canvass.

Every day is a painting holiday in Corfu but it will always be a better painting time if you are going to join the famous Australian artist Warren Curry to join his own tour called ‘Discovery Tour of Corfu’ to furthermore rediscover the hidden gems of the Greek island. The well-known artist has been doing these painting tours for island for already 13 years and has been providing expert guidance of every criterion and genres involving aspiring artist and newcomers. Moreover, even just enjoying the beautiful tourist destinations and just watching Warren and his group of artists can make you feel the magic that the place can do to you. These groups are brought to a location that has never been seen by most of the visitors and this experience can only be felt by joining Warren’s tour.

Warren’s group in the tour stays in the magnificent and tranquil Levant Hotel that is located at the top of the Pelekas Hill giving you a 360-degree view of the cerulean Ionian Sea.  Amazing sunsets can also be witnessed in the hotel and you will be able to taste the mouth-watering dishes during dinner in the elegant dining room or in beautiful Sunset Terrace giving another different angle of Corfu’s magical sunset. Flavourfull breakfasts are a treat in the morning and you can enjoy this morning experience in your room’s balcony since that very rooms has its own.  While painting your holiday in Corfu and enjoying your stay in the exquisite hotel, you might also want to have a deep the navy swimming pool or try strolling in the garden for a while. You can also spend time chatting with people in the cafe bar whenever you have a free time. The hotel provides internet access in every room for the use of every guest.

Through the years of guiding different kind of people in his tours, Warren has been discovering late bloomers in art and exploring possibilities of honing ones artistic skills. He has been including people who had great information and understanding about the island.

From the welcoming and the stylish generosity of the hotel and the smooth movement of the tour from one beautiful place to another, visiting different villages and beaches, cruising  and strolling around different sites, having lunches in tavernas providing astonishing views, and knowing good companies and friends will always provide you an experience that are like unforgettable mementos. The free times will also provide a good occasion for artists and even non-artists to rest up and do other comfort that will guarantee a perfect vacation for artisans and explorers.

Many travelers has been doing testimonials about how great the travel tour is with Warren and his team making this painting holiday in Corfu a great thing to be planned if you are interested of going to feel crazy adventure, fun and relaxation in the adorable place of Corfu Island.

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