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05 Jul, 2012

Just For Fun

We all have our personal definition for fun whilst on holiday. Fun can easily mean a lazy day around the pool reading a book and enjoying an al fresco BBQ. Or, fun can mean a splashingly active kind of day at Aqualand water park in Agios Ioannis central Corfu.
Fun can mean a horse and carriage ride in Corfu Town or fun can be a blow up banana ride on the back of a speed boat.
Fun for you could be spending the day at Corfu’s Ropa Valley Golf Club or a delightful sailing experience in the Ioanian Sea.
Corfu’s landscape is ideal for cycling whether leisurely or strenuous is your idea of fun. Hiking is also fun so check out the Corfu Trail that crosses the island from North to South.
Scuba diving and snorkeling are my personal fun favorites with Corfu offering some of the best diving sites and snorkeling experiences in the Mediterranean Sea.

Try a Greek dancing

Fun should be safe but definitely out of the mundane. Fun adds pleasure to life and should be avidly sought after daily rather than saved for an annual holiday. So why not try a Greek dancing lesson as something you can learn here but also take back home with you as a practice?
Fun is definitely watching Mamma Mia whilst on holiday here so you can play out the scenes on a live set. Try Kerasia Beach for an appropriate pontoon.
Fun can easily be as simple as a barefoot sunset walk on the beach or more daring like a midnight skinny dipping swim!

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