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23 Nov, 2012

Holiday rentals for relaxation in the sand and sun of Corfu

Greek mythology has it that Ulysses, Homer’s hero was rejuvenated back to health on the island of Corfu. Corfu does just that to everyone visiting the place. The greenery, scenic beauty, calm and crystal clear waters have a way of energizing the body and soul is a way no other place can. Corfu has its fair share of spas and workshops to help relieve you of your stress and rejuvenate you, but you can find plenty of holiday rentals in Corfu that do that and plenty more. You can find plenty of hotels that offer spas, Jacuzzis, pools and various other body treatments for weary city travelers to replenish their soul and help find the energy within.
Unique old world feel
Many parts of Corfu inland seem to transport you to a different time, with narrow streets and stone houses. A few villages still celebrate the summer – autumn religious festivals cum fairs. These festivals have such a charm with their traditional music and stalls. The Old Town of Corfu has even made it to the UNESCO world heritage site for its universal appeal and charm. Most of Corfu still retains old world uniqueness with rustic villages and rural landscapes; the place is littered with olive trees.
The best time to visit Corfu is between May and October with a mild but dry climate. But you can always find a good rate for holiday rentals in Corfu. It’s better to choose these instead of the typical hotels; the service is good and the amenities pretty decent. The rates are competitive so it isn’t too harsh on your pocket either. A few of these holiday rentals in Corfu even provide private swimming pools with a sea view. The bar is fully functioning and these places are quite child and family friendly as well.
Moving around
Apart from the accommodation aspect, getting around Corfu is pretty easy. Whether you choose the bus, taxi or rent a car, travelling within the island is pretty easy with pretty okay roads. If you wish, you could even rent a boat to check out the places nearby. If you are the more athletic type, you could even opt to rent an automatic bike. If you do opt to rent a car, be sure to book in advance through the internet or at the airport, some hotels offer you the option of hiring your car for you as well.
Local cuisine
Whenever you do visit any foreign country, tasting their local cuisine is a must. Similarly, the local and Greek food is so exotic and tasty that you must try it. The seafood dishes too are a specialty on their own, which you mustn’t miss. Whether you choose to eat in your hotel or outside café, tavern or restaurant, the local Greek cuisine is easy on the palette. Some hotels offer you the option of continental cuisine if you aren’t comfortable with too much experimentation. Holiday rentals in Corfu are clean and hygienic, so you needn’t worry about food poisoning or the likes.

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