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31 Aug, 2012

Going Walkabout

walking to old PerithiaWalkabout refers to a rite of passage during which male Australian Aborigines undergo a spiritual journey into the wilderness.
The Greek island of Corfu, however, is considered a walkers paradise. Unfortunately you might not encounter any Aborigines upon their quest but you can certainly experience your very own personal walkabout.

 A sense of discovery and adventure

The mountainous area of Pantokratoras, the nearly 1000 metre peak of a mountain visible from almost anywhere on the island, lends itself to an unsuspecting moon like terrain of incredible beauty and versatility. Rocky mountain paths, a huge range of wildflowers and native animal life decorate the journey, whilst  the deserted villages of Palies Sinies and Palia Perithia add to a sense of discovery and adventure. The views are breathtaking in order to compensate for the intense heat exposure during summer months.
The southern area of Lake Korission is another natural reserve of a different kind. Here the walker crosses sand dunes and unique bushy cedar trees native to Corfu. The colours range from orange to deep red at sunset that create an unmistakable sense of crossing a desert. If Bedouin ancestry is not your thing head for the distinctively Corfiot villages of central Corfu for a local handshake and greeting along your path.

Corfu offers some of its stronger delights during the quiet winter months

The landscape of Corfu is ideal for all levels of competence. From family walks to more adventuresome hikes, short, long, high, low it is all available for you to discover all year around. Although spring is heralded as the best time of year to venture outdoors I strongly believe Corfu offers some of its best delights during the quiet winter months. We have some beautiful but venomous serpentine friends so tread with care.
If you do not wish go walkabout alone join the professionals on the Corfu Trail. This is a long distance walking route of around 220 kilometres established in 2001 that crosses the island from North to South. May your journey be full of adventure!

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