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22 Nov, 2012

Five things to do when in Corfu

Much can be said about the beauty and charm of one of the second largest Greek Ionian islands of Corfu. An ideal destination to head to if you are looking for the perfect relaxed holiday. Whether you opt to chill out on the beaches and cafes or try your hand on the various water sports available, Corfu has something to offer to everyone. When looking for accommodations, try renting one of the Corfu apartments. The facilities of these complexes are quite good and you have quite a lot of freedom, independence as well as privacy. Given below are five things you must indulge in when in Corfu, these options are suitable for various tastes, some are ideal for young couples on a honeymoon or getaway, some are good for families with kids, others are good enough if alone or in a group.

  • Horse riding – Instead of opting for a car, scooter or bike to see Corfu, why not rent a horse to see the natural, untouched beauty of Corfu, away from the crowds and developed areas? You can ride on the horse for two hours, where you will trot along the water’s edge as well as under the shade of the olive groves. Hats will be provided and all the horses are very gentle and used to human attention. The stables as well as the animals themselves are in good shape, neat and clean. An activity enjoyed by all age groups, something especially fun for the kids.
  • Cruise on the Kalypso Star with the sea lions – This cruise runs on an hourly basis from Corfu’s Old Port, you get to cruise around Vidos Island and watch the fascinating underwater world from the glass bottom of the boat. Then you get to watch a thrilling show by the sea lions and by then the hour is over. Another activity enjoyed by all, but especially children.
  • Moonlight Serenade – You get to sail on the eastern coast of Corfu, all the while being serenaded by a live Greek band, serenading you in the dimming light with romantic Greek songs while you enjoy a glass of delicious wine. On the way back, you get to stop at a local tavern to enjoy some delicious local cuisine for dinner and some more Greek music. The view from this tavern is enthralling and an ideal relaxed way to spend some time with your beloved one.
  • Gardiki Castle – Located in the Gardiki village, in surrounded by olive groves, this castle was made in the Byzantine era to protect the people of Corfu from outside threats. It is partially destroyed now, but is still a must to visit when around. It shows Corfu’s turbulent history and you appreciate how far the island has come through time.
  • There are various taverns on the island where performances are enacted to teach the visitors and tourists about Corfu’s culture, heritage and history, all the while enjoying some delicious local delicacies. This is a nice way to spend some time eating and learning about the island.

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