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06 Feb, 2013

Five Places to visit in Corfu

Corfu is one of the greenest, most beautiful islands of Greece, the perfect destination to head to for a vacation. The beaches are just breathtaking as are the scenic landscapes with the wildflowers and olive groves. So whether you wish to spend freely and make your money’s worth or you wish to holiday on a budget, Corfu is the place to go. Given below are six places you must visit there.

Spartera – Near the coast of Corfu, Spartera has beautiful beaches with comfortable accommodations in Corfu. The amenities are first rate with a range of choices depending on your budget. Most of these places can even plan excursions or day trips for you.

Spartylas – This place is surrounded by lush mountains and greenery, one of the prettiest parts of Corfu. Here you can walk to your heart’s content while enjoying the scenes around you. Some of the hills here can give you breathtaking views of Corfu town. Remember to choose one of the accommodations in Corfu that is close by or one in which you can easily travel through the various modes of transport available in Corfu.

Strongyli – This is a pretty tiny place, only 1.5 km long, is uninhabited and covered in green heathers. It even has a lighthouse of its own. If you charter a boat or yacht, it’s the ideal place to have a BBQ party with friends or family, away from the crowds and rush.

Vatos – An idyllic village with fun water parks and beautiful golf courses. It is located on the hillside of Corfu with charming views. It is the ideal place to relax and get in touch with your inner peace. A green village with quaint streets that take you back in time.

Ipsos – Located on the east side of Corfu, a charming village filled with cypress trees and olive groves. It even has a blue flag beach which signifies that its cleanliness and crystal clear waters are unrivalled and well maintained.

These are just a few places you can visit, Corfu has plenty to see and even more to do. The range of water sports and hiking as well as trekking trails are pretty good, to keep anyone busy. Apart from these physical activities, you can even check out the local museums, churches and forts that are architecture classics and have been around for many years. The restaurants and taverns have a delicious array of local and Greek cuisine, with the seafood delicacies a must to try out.

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