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26 Aug, 2012

Fishing for fish

fishesOne of the most frequent questions I get asked by visitors is where to go for fish. Disambiguation here is necessary. Fish to eat that is. A fair question to ask considering Corfu is an island in the Mediterranean Sea. This year, however, Corfu Town has been flooded by foot eating fish spas and there is also recent talk of southern tropical fish swimming in Ionian waters.

Fresh fishy delicacies

There are a few fresh fishy delicacies to seek on your plate whilst on holiday in Corfu. Atherina is a very small fish that gets lightly powdered with wheat flour before being dropped in hot olive oil whist sea urchins  are best eaten on the rocks, not the icy kind, with lemon, olive oil and bread. Tiny fried prawns fished from Korission lake are in my opinion a delicacy worthy of world renown as are my favorite sea greens Almiricha.

Addresses to eat

All the above are more likely to be found in the southern end of the island. Head for Alonaki taverna on the northern end of Korission lake for a unique garden setting by the sea. For a more prestigious affair with fresh lobster and prices to match try Boukari taverna on the eastern coast but make sure you book in advance.

Best value for taste and money alike in Corfu Town is the unassuming restaurant in Garitsa Bay called “Ta Psarakia Tsi Garitsas”. Honest when it comes to the ‘is it fresh or frozen question’ with unforgettable organic tomato salad to match. There is also Gerekos on the inner Gouvia road and the long standing Roula’s restaurant in Kondokali.

There is of course the do it yourself option if you go early to the fish market in Corfu Town. Five euro will get you a kilo of fresh Gavro for a deliciously healthy al fresco barbeque that will have you licking your fingers for more.

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