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16 Jan, 2013

Corfu shell museum

The Museum is a private initiate of Mr. Napoleon Sagias, an avid collector and diver. It is located in Benitses, Corfu, and one can easily come by car or by a public transport bus here. If you are a museum buff, you can even visit the Achillion Museum nearby. It is open from March to June and then again from September to October, the fee isn’t much and free entry is allowed for the disabled. At important exhibits, free guided tours are held at regular intervals, moreover there is a souvenir shop in the museum where you can buy shells and other souvenirs to remind you of this excellent trip.

Once you have decided to come to Corfu for a vacation, whether it is for a quick getaway or a longer holiday, remember to book in advance for your accommodation in Corfu. You can get an excellent package if you do the booking beforehand. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the peak season or off season in Corfu, the weather is hot and dry, with winter being wet. Corfu is well developed and depends in tourism for its income, so you can always easily find an accommodation in Corfu to suit your needs. The Shell Museum is one of a kind, so whether you are travelling alone or with family or friends, everyone is sure to enjoy the spectacle inside.

This museum has thousands of rare and  impressive species from  seas on the planet as well as a complete and humongous shell collection. The specimens in the museum are mostly from the owner’s private collection, but a few have also been donated to the museum. The owner has battled some torrid conditions like tides, heat, shark infested, as well as a  stuffed fish waters to collect these species and specimens. He is passionate about his collection and the way the museum is maintained, you can feel his presence in it. The museum has a large collection of fossils, shells,   corals,  piranhas, sharks and their teeth, crabs,lobsters, snakes, sea urchins and many more from the Pacific Oceans as well as  Mediterranean Sea.

Apart from this, the museum also has the Cypraea Fultoni shell, one of the most expensive shells in  world. The Melo Amphora shell too can be seen here, it is one of the biggest shells in this specific shell family, in the world. The most beautiful shell in the world – the Haliotis Iris too is present in the Shell Museum in Corfu; this shell can be found in New Zealand. Also, witness a 65 kg shell here – the Tridacna Gigas, the biggest shell in the world! There are plenty of poisonous shells on exhibit too as are rare starfishes with four and six legs.
So if you are interested in a bit of intellectual knowledge apart from the regular sun, sand and surf fun, head down to Corfu and have a ball of a time.

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