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22 Dec, 2012

Corfu out of summer months

It is a shame that regular direct flights to Corfu from any European city cease from mid-November to late March. Not because it’s less convenient but because Corfu, one of the finest islands in Greece, is equally spectacular out of season too. Daily flights via Athens or Thessaloniki are the way to get here or if you are lucky enough the boat from Venice is a lifetime experience to cherish.
Yes, it rains here too but one can actually witness nature changing and the sunny spells are long and worthwhile. Due to the type of vegetation on the island it stays green all year round. Forest walks and waterfalls that come alive provide a unique winter holiday experience. Visiting the magical village of Nymphes in the northern west hinterland or popular Old Perithia on the eastern side of Corfu’s largest mountain range is a feast of natural wonder.
Winter sunsets are more spectacular in colour than their summer counterparts!
Being one of the larger islands in the country, Corfu has a lively social life all year round. Many restaurants in fact take on a whole different identity in the winter time with warm fires burning, live music that isn’t aimed at the tourist industry and tsipouro to accompany rich food. Sea front café’s for coffee and hot chocolate aficionados with glass windows that allow for breathtaking views whilst keeping snug are probably unique to this kind of climate. Veghera Bar Café in Acharavi  is a classic seaside spot whilst the Levant Hotel in Pelekas provides comfy sofas for famous sunsets. In fact winter sunsets are more spectacular in colour than their summer counterparts!
Live music that isn’t aimed at the tourist industry
The number of people of foreign origin that have made a home for themselves here amount to many. In fact Corfu’s unique identity lies in its diversity of cultures that co-exist here. It is during the out of season months that locals are able to indulge in more creative activities that provide for a range of indoor entertainment.  For a detailed programme of what’s up in Corfu try
Plenty of hotels are open with top end facilities for you to choose from. The Astron Hotel has recently been refurbished looking over the historical Old Port of Corfu Town and the Corfu Mare Hotel continues to win top accommodation awards.

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