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03 Sep, 2012

Corfu Hot Spots

Piedra del Mar BarbatiWhat do Arillas, Issos and Barbati beaches have in common?

If you take a look at the map of Corfu island you will realise that these three popular beaches are all sitting on completely different coastal areas. North west, south west and central north east of Corfu Town each with a distinctive feel and type of beach environment. In fact one of the characteristics of this sea green Ionian island that never lets you tire of it, is the diversity of its natural beauty and life style atmospheres.
All three beaches are hot spots during the summer months and all three are home to some of the top beach bar restaurants on the island. My intention is not to label them as better or worse than others but to offer you an opportunity to get the best seat possible on the best view and vibe venues around. OK maybe my intention is to get you hooked so you keep coming back for more!

Smiley good vibe lovers

Ammos Beach Bar Cafe looks directly into the sunset off Arillas beach. The mood is soft and mellow with sensual chill out music playing in the background. The menu offers fresh fruit juices, scrumptious ciabatta toasties, healthy salads and top coffees. Most importantly these are served with an owner’s pride in quality and attention to detail that have kept me going there for the last ten years. The area is home to a number of esoteric centres so the people sitting next to you tend to be smiley good vibe lovers too.

Friendly, young and beautiful

Issos Beach Bar has been at the heart beat of the music scene this summer. Lazy hummocks and lots of colour are laid out for a top beach experience and a holiday of a life time. The beach itself is in my opinion one of the best in the Mediterranean if not up there with some of the world’s most famous list. Crystalline aquamarine water, soft golden sand dunes carry the eye into the horizon and beyond. Forget yourself there amongst the friendly, young and beautiful.
Piedra del Mar Beach Bar Restaurant stands out as an eat and drink in style venue in the middle of Barbati beach. The breathtaking mountain Megas Gremmos rocky canyon above and the long white shingle beach make it an all time favorite for all. The beach front is decked out with comfy sun beds and beach umbrellas with cute waiters serving the drinks all day long. The feel is international jet set so make sure your colors are in season!

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