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04 Sep, 2012

Corfu Cult

Corfu CultThere are a number of establishments that have passed the test of time, that have left a mark on the cultural history of the island in some way or another and are known by most locals through word of mouth. These places might not be the prettiest, the most expensive or the most popular but they have a certain something that makes them a worthwhile visit during your holiday in Corfu.

Simply cool

Zanzibar Cocktail Bar in the village of Pelekas has been the central meeting and drinking well for locals and visitors alike for at least two generations. With a name like Richard Parker the current Greek English mix manager, owner and exceptional bar tender can only be but cool. The cocktails are clean, tropical and delicious with live music playing in the middle of the village square on a summer night. During the winter months the far away shores decoration and carefully selected music give the inner cave like bar a cozy friendly atmosphere that keeps you hanging out for more.

The ghetto balster plays some long forgotten tune

Elisabetta’s is probably the oldest taverna in the small central square of Doukades village. It is famous for its pastitsada and home made red wine but above all it is known for Elisavet herself. A larger than life character who responds to you depending on her whimseys that day whilst the ancient ghetto blaster plays some long forgotten tune in the background.

Bekios’ is another eatery with a woman owner waiter at the heart of the establishment that has seen her share of customers go by. Georgia’s voice will greet you even before you take a seat and she’ll remember your order longer than you do. This is a good meat eating food place for as much as it would cost you at home. Find it opposite the main entrance to the New Port in the old Corfu suburb of Mandouki.

I scream for ice cream

For ice cream lovers a stop over on the main coastal road that runs across the north of Corfu at St Spyridon is a must. You’d never imagine an ice cream factory here but for some miraculous reason they’ve hit the spot and the product is better than the New Zealnd kind.

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