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15 Sep, 2012

Corfu by boat

Kaiki Boat in CorfuA Caïque or Kaiki for easier pronunciation is a wooden fishing boat usually found among the waters of the Ionian or Aegean Seas. Most famous for the crammed open the bear with your teeth scene in Mamma Mia the Kaiki boat experience simply oozes Greek spirit.
The drink ouzo till you drop under the sun kind of boat trip, however, is not my kind of holiday memory. To pay a hefty price for a week long headache is not worth it. So do yourself a favor and do it the local way.

Oldest running public Kaiki transport

Perhaps the oldest running public Kaiki transport is the one that runs from Vlacherena Church in Kanoni to Mouse Island or Pontikonisi. This is the little island airplanes fly really low over when landing in Corfu airport! A small monastery is at the center of it with its public panegyri celebration on August 6th. Small Kaiki boats run from around March to October from nine till nine at the cost of two euro fifty.
2 Euro well paid
A larger Kaiki boat experience is the one that runs from Corfu’s New Port to Vidos Island.  Once having been a bird sanctuary a trip over is a natural delight. Small beaches around every corner for you to discover and a decent restaurant and cafeteria make it a day long adventure. The island’s strategic importance also gives it a long history worthy of reading up on. The Kaiki boat leaves every hour and costs all of two euro for a return trip there and back.
Smaller traditional boats are also used on the west coast of Paleokastritsa to drop you off at inaccessible by foot or car beaches as well as trips to the many caves and grottos to be found. Check for prices and weather conditions for this one!

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