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18 Jun, 2012

Be your own Captain!

Having experienced it myself time and time again there is but one way above all others to get the best possible sensation of what Corfu the Green Island of the Mediterranean is about.
Head north out of Corfu town and stick to the eastern coastal road, the one looking over to the mainland that is. From around Dassia resort onwards you can hop onto a Caique (traditional boat) trip for the day. This way you are sure to experience your favorite Shirley Valentine or Mamma Mia scene live. These trips are usually accompanied by loud Greek music and ouzo under the sun with the usual after effect to match. Can be fun! There is a more stylish way of doing it with excellent fresh fish al fresco dining on the Nautilus which leaves daily from Nissaki harbor.
Better still, do it yourself! . Pack a cooler box pic nick and plenty of chilled drinks and make sure you ask for a boat with a tent cover and off you go.

Small secluded beaches

There are dozens of small secluded beaches and magnificent rock formations you can perch yourself on for the day and really feel like your dream just came true. The waters are sparkling the underwater world ideal for snorkeling and the views of the island from the sea are better than anything you will get from land. Spot your ideal holiday home from the many luxury villas that decorate the northern east coast or pull up to a restaurant jetty for a Greek coffee homeward bound.
Keeping safe at sea is wise but don’t miss out on the opportunity of a life time to experience beauty and freedom at the same time!

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