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25 Jan, 2013

An Exotic Vacation in Corfu

The Greek Ionian Island of Corfu is the perfect place to head to for a relaxed, fun and water filled vacation. Can you think of a better time spent than lounging on the beach, splashing in the waves and exploring quaint villages? The different places in Corfu are diverse and have something special to offer to its visitors. Usually people prefer staying in hotels when they go for a vacation, but the Corfu apartments are equally good. The amenities and facilities provided by these complexes are as good, sometimes better than their hotel counterparts.

The best feature of these Corfu apartments is that they are strategically located near the beach, a village or two and other activity related centers so you don’t get bored doing the same thing every day. Also, these apartment complexes are pretty close to super or mini markets, banks, pharmacies and clinics, making their appeal even stronger. The Corfu apartments are usually family run businesses, so they make sure you are having a fine and comfortable stay whether you are traveling alone, as a couple, family or group. Pretty close to these complexes are a variety of bars, taverns and restaurants, for you to taste the delightful cuisine and local drinks as well be entertained through live music, performances and dances as well.

Do visit Kanoni in Corfu, the beautifully landscaped seaside gardens, the Mon Repos Palace and the surroundings themselves are so beautiful, it will leave you breathless. From Kanoni, you can see the famous Mouse Island and the beautiful monastery there. If you wish to indulge in a little gambling, there’s even a casino there known as the Holiday Palace, its open till late. The nightlife too is pretty good, with lots of clubs, discos and bars that provide dancing space, drinks and good music. Then there is Paleokastritsa with its beautiful cove and sea caves, something only accessed by boats too is something not to be missed.

Corfu in general is just so pretty, you don’t wish to leave. An ideal destination for your honeymoon, the Corfiots are friendly and warm, making your special getaway even more special. The crime rate is pretty low here, so wandering about alone or at night isn’t much of an issue and is actually quite common. The main Corfu Town too has plenty to see with its museums, forts, palaces and shops; you won’t run out of things to check out here.

The villages are in usually two parts, one is the modern, developed version, which caters to the tourists and visitors and the other is the older, timeless version which makes you feel that time had stopped here a long time ago. Both versions must be checked out to truly appreciate the diversity of Corfu. Then there is also the opportunity to go olive oil tasting in its presses as well as see the local vineyards and see how they make wine there and taste it too. The owners are kind enough to let you buy their exotic blend, another opportunity not to be missed.

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