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21 Sep, 2012

A home away from home

Villa Erato KalypsoThe advantages of villa style accommodation are perhaps obvious to experienced holiday makers of this kind. To the first timer, however, doing it on your ‘own’ can be daunting at first.

The birth place of villa rentals

Renting a villa for a week or two on a glorious island like Corfu is not difficult. Corfu is the birth place of many villa rental companies that have now gone global. Due to the large number of excellent villas available and the high number of repeat visitors, Corfu’s specialty is to offer you a home away from home. With an increased focus on style and comfort you might even choose to go for something better than your usual dwellings. Kalypso and Erato villas in Halikounas offer a summer holiday dream stay.
Renting a villa that sleeps four, six or even sixteen, however, can be as economical as any hotel or apartment room. The idea that villa holidays are more expensive is simply not true. Booking in advance or reserving your time away for out of high-season months is a smart way to book your villa.

Privacy, independence and a stronger feeling of relaxation

Privacy, independence and a stronger feeling of relaxation come with a villa stay. No noisy lobbies or cardboard wall disturbances after midnight. You can create the atmosphere and lifestyle habits you want with the knowing that in the villa, you are in charge. With a fully equipped kitchen Villa Nikos in Kalami provides all you need to cater for your needs without having to worry about where to eat or opening and closing times.
Imagine not having to share a pool with others or racing for the best sun bed! And remember that villa owners or caretakers are always at hand to attend to any of your needs and to provide you with local friendly advice.

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