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03 Nov, 2012

A Glimpse on the Mystic Beauty of Corfu Island

The liberation to travel is one of the greatest opportunities that man can have in his entire existence. Appreciating the beauty of one’s nature and learning the most unexpected cultures will let you realized how dynamic the world is behind the things that we have learned in school from reading books and seeing pictures. Immersing with different people coming from diverse backgrounds and paths of life will let you perceive the world differently, and you will really appreciate that truly, it is a wonderful place to live.
For a traveller’s mindset, it is very important for him to make most of his stay in one place and embrace it with full of expectations and excitement. If you try to browse the internet and search for the famous tourist destinations in the world, you will get tons of information about USA, Britain, China, France, etc. If you ask someone about Greece, he will tell you about the Parthenon, Alexander the Great, Mount Olympus and the gods, and the Olympics, not knowing that there is more to Greece than its historical Hellenistic backgrounds and its ancient ruins.

Travelling outside Greece’s capital city Athens, you will know more things about the country and will give you greater perception about its very exciting customs and stunning places that you have never imagine it existed.

Located in the northwest coast of Greece is a group of islands blessed with spectacular beaches and well known historically to most of the elites in the society. It was said that the island was well visited by royals over the centuries. This place is famous with Greeks as Corfu, an island that is very important to the god Poseidon and has been with the hands of many foreign powers because of its alluring beauty and ancients buildings.

Along with its aesthetics is a culture embodied with great people, music, art, food and various beliefs that will make you fall in love more especially if you are adventurous and wanted satisfaction. A taste of Corfu Island will make you define paradise at its best. An exciting experience that will be remembered always in one’s favourite memories.

Corfu Island can be found in the in the heart of the Adriatic Sea, in the east of the country Italy and in the southwest of the Albania.

A trip using a plane, boat or a land vehicle will provide you different ways to explore the fascinating aspects of the island.

The northern part of the island is surrounded with mountainous environment and wider horizons. Its pebbly beaches are well developed and has been a very good place for fishing to the local people. The southern part of Corfu Island has a different type of setting with its sandy beaches and a less wide distance across making it easier to travel from east to west.

Fishing villages called Benitses are very similar in the island and can be found 12 kilometers south away from its main municipality called Corfu Town. These Benitses has been a good destination for tourists for the past years because of its authentic ancient villages and its lively atmosphere which makes it a really good way to start exploring the island.

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