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23 Jan, 2013

A Few Religious Sites worth Visiting in Corfu

Some people go on a vacation to rediscover themselves spiritually. Corfu is one such place where you can have fun, relax, and get in touch with your inner self as well as rediscover yourself spiritually. The Corfiots are mostly Orthodox Christians with plenty of Catholic Christians as well. There are plenty of monasteries and churches as well as miscellaneous religious sites that are worth checking out during your fun filled, sun soaked vacation in Corfu. Accommodation on the island isn’t a problem as there are plenty of hotels in Corfu that are located conveniently at a short distance from various activity centers. Given below are a few sites worth checking out in Corfu:

The Catholic Church of Agios Lakovos

In 1943, the Germans bombardment of this island destroyed everything in the church except for its bell tower. Now with it completely restored, the church is once again open to the public, as a site of worship as well as for those tourists who wish to visit the premises to see the religious relics here. The locals know this church as San Giacomo, it was built in 1588 for the Catholics of this island. Though it was consecrated later, this is a place one must visit to appreciate its history as well as beauty.

The Jewish Quarter

This small section was home to the island’s Jewish sector from the 1600’s to the 1940’s. Then the World War I started and a majority of the Jews got sent to Auschwitz, only a hundred or so remained. Now this site still holds an ancient synagogue with a Sephardic interior.
The Orthodox Cathedral
Built in 1577, this cathedral is rich in religious icons and relics and built in the honor of St. Theodora. Here lies the headless body of the same saint, the second most revered saint of Corfu.

The Statue of Count Schulenberg

The statue is placed just beside the entrance of the Old Fortress in Corfu Town. Count Schulenberg was an Austrian mercenary who heroically fended off the Turks in their attempt to conquer the island for the last time.

The Tomb of Menekrates

This tomb was part of an ancient necropolis. It held funeral items that are now displayed in the Archeological museum of Corfu. You can find plenty of hotels in Corfu to stay in that are close to this place.

The Town Hall

Built in the 17th century as a Venetian loggia and then converted into a theater, it currently functions as the Corfu mayor’s office.
These are some of the places that give you the feel of the culture and heritage of Corfu, something the locals are quite proud of. You can find plenty of hotels in Corfu near these sites as well as others. Staying close by will help in cutting down transportation time and you can easily wander round the streets of Corfu without being heckled or frightened by thugs or muggers.

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