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Ermones are located in the center of the island and is about 25 km from Corfu town.This legendary place mentioned by the ancient poet Homer in the Odyssey, which according to the rhapsody,  the daughter of King Alcinous of the Phaeacians Nafsika was on the beach and suddenly the sea washed up in front her, the body of resourceful Odysseus.

About Ermones

Place of heroes and same time magically , the village of  Ermones combines the venturous Corfiot nature  with the blue waters of the Ionian Sea. The visitors when they arrive at this small village, they will see a cove in to the sea  which has rocks and thick vegetation. The beach located between this cove and looks like a refuge very friendly  to any visitor who asks privacy and seclusion.

Where to swim in Ermones

The beach of Ermones consists of fine pebbles and sand, is ideal for children and families and offers an amazing seabed ready for exploration. The waters are crystal clear and turquoise while from the surface of the water emerge rocks which are offered for dips. In the area exists a scuba diving school to explore with them the seabed which has enormous interest.

Accommodation in Ermones

The visitor who will choose the village Ermones to stay has several options. The village has  small and big hotels with pool bars and restaurants that feature comfort and luxury.  Also in the area there are apartments for rent and studios fully equipped with spectacular views and a short distance from the sea. Some proposals is Elena Hotel and Philoxenia Hotel

Things to do in Ermones

After the beach, visitors will have the opportunity to taste the Corfiot and international cuisine with view the Ionian Sea. The local restaurants like Taverna Nausika and Maria Taverna, that are next to the sea waiting to serve the most demanding customers. Also you can enjoy the music with your cocktail at the various bars as Dizi Bar, that are open the day and night  where offer besides drinks and some snacks

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Corfu Town 16,7km
Corfu Airport 15,6km
Corfu Port 15,7km
General Hospital 12,5km
Aqualand 7,3km
Achilleion Palace 16,9km

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