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built with the traditional corfiot architecture wich is situated close to the rich Corfiot olive grove.

About Pelekas

The view from the village is majestic. There, on the hillside, Kaiser of the Austrian Empire had built his observatory. The ruins of his observatory preserved until today. In the village you can admire some churches with high steeples. Also there are traditional narrow alleys, squares, flowered balconies and traditional corfiot houses.

Where to swim near Pelekas

Kontogialos beach

Kontogialos is the closest beach from the village of Pelekas. Has fine sand and clear blue crystal waters with scattered rocks in the water. In the coast you can find restaurants, beach bars, snack bars, mini markets. On the road from Pelekas until to Kontogialos there are apartments and villas which will cover all your preferences. In Kontogialos beach also you can find the famous Petra cocktail bar and enjoy live music.

Glyfada beach

Glyfada is the most cosmopolitan beach of Corfu. The beach is sandy and has crystal clear waters. The local people, especially the young people choose the Glyfada for swimming because there are beach bars with loud music. There you can find Aloha beach bar. Most of the young combine water sports and beach games. Above the beach are some hotels and apartments with beautiful sea view.

Myrtiotissa beach

Myrtiotissa beach is magical from above. Has fine sand, vertical rocks and beautiful wild corfiot nature. The beach is suitable for nudism and free camping. On the way to the beach also you can find apartments for rent and some taverns for food and drinks.

Accommodation in Pelekas

For those who wants to stay in Pelekas there are some small hotels and apartments.

Some proposals are:

Things to do in Pelekas

If you want to stop and drink something, some coffee shops and small taverns will keep you in joy until the sunset.

Places of Interest

Kaiser's Throne
Pelekas Village
Beach Bars


Corfu Town 12,6km
Corfu Airport 11,5km
Corfu Port 11,6km
General Hospital 11,8km
Aqualand 6,6km
Achilleion Palace 12,5km

Getting to Pelekas

Green Bus

Rentals in Pelekas

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