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Old Village

Old Perithia

The village of Old Perithia (Palia Perithia) located north from Corfu town and is down from the mountain Pantokratoras. Also has 8km distance from the village of Kassiopi.


It is a village at the end of 19th century with houses which are built in the Venetian architecture. The district of the village of Old Perithia has been abandoned by its inhabitants for many years and so the feel that each visitor has when is looking at the houses, which is built from stone, is magical. The life in Old Perithia started early in 19th century, when the beaches of Corfu was accepted raids from pirates and from the disease of malaria, which at that time was widespread on the coast. Thus the inhabitants were forced to choose places to live mainly in the foothills of mount Pantokrator. A similar case is also the village of old Sinies. Over time people started to leave the village because another epidemic was spread among the residents.

Old Perithia today…

Today the Old Perithia offers to the visitor the feeling of a bygone era and urges him to explore houses which are ready to fall and grassy paths of the Venetian abandoned quarter. Buildings that characterize the area of Old Perithia are the steeple of St. James (Jacobs), which stands imposingly at the village entrance and the mansion that is housing the school. The school is still retains in the entrance  the crest of the local lord of that era. The children’s voices in that school stopped once in 1940. It should be noted that the settlement of Old Perithia is World Heritage and protected by UNESCO

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