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Old Fortress

The Old Fortress of Corfu (Fortezza) is located at the east side of Corfu town. Its architecture is Venetian. The imposing gate of the fortress is situated opposite the famous Liston and the green square Spianada.

The old fortress of Corfu was built in two peaks that formed two great towers, the tower of the land and the tower of the sea. When the city was destroyed in the 6th century, the fortress was built to protect the people of Corfu from the various invaders. Its strategic location made the city of Corfu impregnable. People could easily defend it from the land because the field was clearly visible in the surrounding coastline and the sea.  The visitor in order to go in the area of the fortress will have to pass through the bridge Contra Fossa which has transformed the old fortress into an island. Its strategic location made the city of Corfu impregnable. Also, inside the fort, there are buildings that were built by the Venetians and the British military which served their needs. From the description we should not forget the Doric church of St. George, built by the British in 1840, as well as the collection of Byzantine icons and mosaics. Your goal is to reach the top! From there you will be able to look the Ionian Sea and the picturesque town of Corfu.

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