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Corfu Town

The old town of Corfu is an architectural masterpiece and in 2007 was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In several parts of old town may be found houses of the Venetian time and British Neoclassical style of the 19th and 20th centuries.

A walk through the picturesque narrow streets, into the fortresses, at the palaces, between the arches, the paved streets is enough to travel the visitors back in time.


The Liston is in front of the central square of Corfu and was built between the years 1807 and 1814 by the French architect Lesseps. This is a building complex inspired by the unique architecture of Paris in the 17th century with arcades from successive arches, where designed in the pattern of arches of the Rue de Rivoli in Paris. In the old days, in this part of town only noblemen had the permission for a walk. Nowadays on the ground floor of these buildings are cafes, restaurants, bars and on the top floors are apartments.

Spianada Square

The verdant and the aristocratic square of Corfu, the Spianada is the largest in the Balkans. The history begins in the year of 1537 when they began to pull down the houses around of the old fortress in order to have visibility from the walls. Later the French in the area planted many species of trees. A walk in the square of Corfu is enough for the visitors to enjoy the beauty of the city. The view to the sea, to the Garitsa and together with the Venetian architecture of buildings, fountains, statues, and ancient trees, enchant even the most demanding visitor.


The tree lined street of Alexandra avenue, leads on coastal road of Garitsa. The bay of Garitsa was the port of Alcinous king of ancient Corfu. The walk along the sea with the view of the old fortress, will lead you in neighborhoods of Garitsa. The place has closely balconies that are full of flowers like bougainvilleas and jasmines. Also there are mini markets, small coffees, grill houses with tables under the trees.

Market Of Corfu

The market of Corfu flourished in 17th century, mainly from products where arrived from all Europe in the central port of Corfu. Today this market retains the old prestige because there are many tourist shops with clothes, gifts, handmade woodcraft from olive wood, jewelers and shops with local products like olives, olive oil, kumquat liquer, soaps and many others things. The narrow alleys are always full of people and during the walk you can hear voices or some music that are coming through the windows of the traditional buildings.

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