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Here you will find answers to queries regarding the submission of an accommodation, the process required to update the details of a listing and the way the platform operates in general. is a listings website that promotes holiday homes in Corfu,  providing owners from Corfu with the opportunity of advertising their accommodation to the public with low cost,  so that they will be able to increase the reservations of their accommodation. Owners have only to list their accommodation on and await requests for reservations. Owners do need to create an e-mail account for communicating with customers. Depending on availability, owners respond to requests, by confirming the reservation or not. The payment for the desired accommodation is a matter agreed only among customers and owners and therefore there are not any extra commissions.

Except for no commissions, the website focuses only on accommodation opportunities in Corfu and the owners are offered customized services that meet their personal needs and requirements. Moreover, the users of this website are provided with the best browsing experience with much information regarding their desired destination. It is notable that most of the users prefer to contact directly with the owner in order to reserve an accommodation so that they are able to organize their holidays on their own. Finally, this listings website is effective for owners who already have their own websites, since it improves SEO ranking of their own websites. offers three different price packages. See more here.

After having chosen your desired price package, you will be asked to fill in a form (with personal information and information on the accommodation) to have your accommodation listing added to our website. After having completed this form, we will contact you in order the listing to be completed.

A complete listing includes the following:

  • Photos showing the accommodation,
  • texts describing the accommodation and facilities sufficiently and
  • the contact details concerning the accommodation.

* cooperates with professional photographers and copywriters. Contact us for acquiring information on these services.

You can send the changes or modifications through this e-mail A member of our staff will contact you in order to receive confirmation of those changes and finalize them.

Contact us in order to create your personal account. Your password will be sent through e-mail.

Unlike other similar websites, the response time to requests does not affect your accommodation ranking on Nevertheless, we should emphasize that responding to customers as soon as possible may be the smartest strategy for attracting them.

The recipient of this e-mail is only the potential customer who has sent a request.

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